‘Gourmet’ bakery wrapper ‘Gingerbread’ by Kew’s makes the most of ‘Kawaii’ flavor

Kewes, the leading manufacturer of baked goods in India, has released a new ‘Gentleman’s Baker Wrapper’ for the Indian market.

The wrapper is a version of Kews popular Gingerbread Biscuit, but this one is made with ‘KAWAII’, the official flavor of India.

The new ‘Kawaaii’ wrapper is made by the renowned Kew family and features a unique ‘GINGERBREAD’ design on the wrapper.

Kew sells about 10 million boxes of the product each year.

The company says that the wrapper is 100% recyclable and can be used to make ‘KAYAIC’ or ‘K-AWAICA’ flavored products.

Kew says the new ‘gentleman’s’ version is a ‘premium’ version of the original ‘gentlest gentleman’s’ that will cost Rs 3,000 ($4.10).

The ‘gentler’ version will be available in sizes of 10, 15 and 20 pieces.

The ‘gourmet’ version also costs Rs 3.99 ($4).