What are the biggest challenges facing the #NFL in 2018?

Bleacher report The NFL’s biggest challenges this season have been: • A new quarterback • A huge crop of talent, and the NFL will have to rebuild its roster to take on them • The rise of the #Cleveland Browns The new Cleveland Browns are the most exciting team to watch in 2018.

They’re the first team to go 1-0 this season and the first to win three games in a row since the 2011-12 Baltimore Ravens.

They’ve had a great start to the season, and their defense is playing well.

Their star quarterback is Johnny Manziel.

They have a huge crop to build around in 2018, but they’ve been unable to get off to a great starting start.

If they want to keep their chance at the playoffs, they need to find a starting caliber quarterback to replace Josh McCown.

But with the talent that they’ve had, and with a new coach in John Dorsey, there’s no reason why the Browns can’t be a Super Bowl contender.

The New York Jets are another team that’s had a rough start to their season, but that has been alleviated by a stellar rookie class, the Jets’ offense, and an improved defense.

The Jets are also one of the top teams in the league, and they’ll need to be on the right track in order to make the playoffs this season.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are another division rival that’s been the best team in the NFL this season, having beaten the Packers in a very close game, and have a great team in Lavonte David, who’s playing at an MVP level.

However, their defense has been porous this season with only five sacks in five games, and a defense that has allowed just three touchdown passes.

They can’t afford to make too many mistakes on offense.

If the Bucs can’t get off the field on defense, then they’ll have to rely on their defense to stop the spread offense.

The Atlanta Falcons have a big opportunity to make a big splash this season in 2018 with the emergence of quarterback Matt Ryan, and if he can make a run at the MVP award, the Falcons will be one of those teams that can surprise people this season at the Super Bowl.

The Indianapolis Colts have a good chance to get back to .500 in 2018 as well, with an improved offense, but their defense will need to step up to stop Peyton Manning.

They need to get their running game going, but if they can’t do that, they’ll probably have to start trading up for a quarterback.

The Seattle Seahawks have been one of many teams to stumble this season because of injuries, and this will be their first opportunity to bounce back.

Russell Wilson is the best quarterback in the world, and he’ll be in great shape this season to help the Seahawks make another run at a Superbowl.

But if they want their chances of making the playoffs to start, they have to find an experienced quarterback in Drew Brees.

The Houston Texans are also a team that has had some struggles this season thanks to injuries, but the Texans will need the defense to be better to stop Brady Quinn, who has an incredible arm.

If Matt Schaub can’t continue his good start to 2018, then he’ll have a tough time making the playoff.

The Oakland Raiders have a lot of work to do, and there are a lot more questions surrounding them in 2018 than there were last year.

If quarterback Derek Carr can’t make it to the playoffs with the Raiders, they’re going to have a real difficult time making a deep run in the AFC West.

The Dallas Cowboys are the only team that needs to beat the Steelers this season if they’re to win a Super.

The Steelers are going to be very good, and any team that can beat them in a close game is going to win the division.

The Arizona Cardinals have had a very good start this season but have struggled to come up with big plays, and quarterback Carson Palmer’s throwing woes have become an issue.

He’s a great passer, but he’s not the only one that needs help in the passing game.

The Cleveland Browns were expected to be the top team in their division, but have had trouble getting the job done.

They’ll need a solid offensive line and a good defense to take the next step in 2018 in order for them to have an even better chance of making it in the playoffs.

The Pittsburgh Steelers will have a hard time beating the Cincinnati Bengals, and could be in for another tough season.

There’s been a lot to like about the Bengals offense, which is led by offensive tackle Joe Thomas, who is one of their best offensive linemen.

But the defense is also good, but will need help from the offensive line.

The Buffalo Bills have the best defense in the NFC East, but are the last team to beat a divisional rival in the Saints.

This year, they will be trying to get past the Atlanta Falcons.

The Tennessee Titans will have the toughest road in the Southeast, with only one game remaining