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The new wrapper from McChicken is more flavorful and moist than its predecessor, the Candela.

It’s a good wrapper to start with because it’s a little less expensive.

But it’s worth a try for its overall flavor.

McChicks wrapper is the kind of wrapper that makes a good, hearty sandwich.

It has the same soft, moist flavor as McChick’s other wrappers, but it’s less sweet and a little lighter on the palate.

It doesn’t pack the same punch of flavor, but you won’t feel the difference if you’ve ever dipped a McChack in hot sauce or used it to dip a sandwich.

We love the McChiken wrapper.

The McChikens wrapper has a more subtle, slightly chewy flavor that makes it more palatable to eat.

We like it better.

The Candela wrapper has slightly sweeter, more earthy flavor than the McChicken wrappers.

It works well as a snack wrapper.

And we love the Candelas wrapper, too.

It is lighter and chewier than the other wrappings, which is great.

But we prefer the McCheese wrapper, because it has more flavor and chew.

The wrapper from Candelias wrapper has less sweetness than the wrapper from the McShrimp wrapper.

It also has less flavor, which makes it a little harder to eat as a sandwich and a snack.

So, if you are looking for a wrapper that’s both a good choice for dipping or as a wrapper for sandwiches, you’ll probably want to stick with the McElroy wrapper.