How to Find Your Car Wrapper’s Salary

The car wrapper job is the ultimate job description, but the paychecks for the men and women who do it are often lower than the jobs of their counterparts.

The average car wrapper is paid less than the median worker.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average car-wraper earns an annual salary of $40,955.

But car-wrappers make less than their colleagues in other fields.

In 2017, the median annual wage for car-packers was $36,942, according to the BLS.

Only 6.6% of the total number of car-workers in the United States earn an average annual salary that is below $40.955, according a 2016 report by the Bureau for Labor Statistics.

The median car-wrapper salary was $40 a year, or $27,846 per year, according the B.S. report.

Only 8.5% of car workers in the U.S., or 0.7% of all car-worker jobs, earned more than $40 per year.

Car-packagers earn less than most factory workers, but they do earn more than other car workers.

The BLS reported that the average annual wages of carpackers were $49,819 in 2016.

This includes an average salary of about $38,869 per year for drivers, and $42,872 per year if you’re a mechanic.

The workers in other industries are also paid less.

For example, the wages of auto mechanics and car-assembly workers are about $35,000 and $41,500, respectively, according an April 2017 study by the Institute for Labor Economics and Policy.

In addition, car-parts and parts-delivery companies have the highest average salaries of any industry in the country, at about $37,000 per year on average, according data from the National Association of Manufacturers.

The car-service industry is the second most expensive occupation in the US, after construction, with a median annual salary on average of $46,000, according BLS data.

Other occupations that are among the highest paid include computer-systems and network-software support, where the median salary is about $43,000.

These are jobs that pay a higher wage than other types of work.

Many of these workers are also part-time.

This means that they work part-day, sometimes two days a week.

The Bureau of Labour Statistics estimates that the median wage for a full-time worker in the auto-service field is $42.15 an hour.

However, the pay for a part-timer is $13.30 an hour, according figures from the Bureau.