Australia’s orange candy wrapper brands to face ‘gum and glue’ backlash over price

A lot of Australians are going to be disappointed to hear the next day they’ll be getting a premium brand that won’t be cheap at all.

Key points:A lot of people are angry about the price of the Queensland orange candy wrap, which will cost them more than $60,000A lot more than expected, a recent study showedThe Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is investigating whether the company should be allowed to sell its products on the marketIt is unclear if the Queensland brand will be made available on the Australian market, but the Australian Food Standards Agency (AFSA) is examining whether the Queensland wrapper brand should be offered as an option on the Queensland market.

The Queensland wrapper is the premium product that was initially priced at $60 per box, which is still an expensive price for a product that is meant to be used for the most part by children.

However, a new study from food industry research company Food Market Research found that the Queensland company will have to pay up to $120,000 more than its Australian competitors if it wants to sell the products on Australian shelves.

“The Queensland brand has not yet been available in Australia and its price tag is going to make it difficult for the company to sell,” the report by Food Market research firm said.

The company’s Australian parent, the Australian Cocoa Industry Association (ACIA), said it had not received any correspondence from the ACCC about the Queensland product being available on Australian market.

“We’ve not been contacted by the ACCc, and we are not aware of any correspondence that has been received,” said ACIA managing director, Michael O’Keefe.

“It is disappointing to see the price tag for Queensland’s premium product being raised in this way, especially given that Queensland has been leading the industry in promoting the health benefits of this product for many years,” he said.

“This will only exacerbate the price issues for Queensland consumers.”

The Australian Food Industry Association has called for the Queensland government to stop issuing premium brands.

The report said that, at the moment, Queensland’s average price of $20 per box of orange candy was more than twice that of its closest competitor, the $20-per-box product from the Australian Tobacco Products Association (ATPA).

“The price tag on Queensland’s orange is now $130 per box compared to $20 for the Australian company,” the research firm concluded.

“Given the high cost of producing this product in Queensland, it is unlikely Queensland’s consumers would be able to afford it.”

A spokesperson for Queensland Food and Consumer Affairs said the Queensland department of agriculture would not be commenting on the report.

“Queensland does not have a premium product, however, we have been looking at our pricing practices to make sure we are offering a fair price for all Queenslanders,” she said.