When a candy wrapper is made to look like a cigar, how did you know it was fake?

Google News reader John, in Canada, emailed the CBC news website with the question, “Why did the candy wrapper dress up as a cigar?”

The CBC replied, “Because, well, it is.”

John said, “I just found out because the wrapper looks like a wrapper that it is.

I just couldn’t believe it.”

The CBC story was picked up by other Canadian media outlets, including The Canadian Press, and has been shared on Reddit, a popular social media platform.

A YouTube video posted by the Canadian Press shows the story in action.

“We’ve had people ask us why they see candy wrappers that look like cigars,” the CBC reporter said.

“And it’s not a question of ‘why do you think it looks like one?’

It’s ‘why did you think that wrapper looked like one?'”

But, John said he couldn’t help but be intrigued by the “real” wrapper.

“I thought, ‘How do you make it look like one if it’s a cigar wrapper?'”

He said the wrapper was made from a mixture of wax, cotton, and a little bit of salt and pepper, and was then wrapped around a cigar.

“The wrapper just looked real,” John said.

While it’s tempting to think the wrapper is fake, the real wrapper isn’t so cheap, and it takes a lot of time and labor to make.

“It’s going to take about two hours to make a wrapper, and I think the whole process is worth it,” he said.

And it can be a fun experience, too.

“You get to see the wrapper, the wrapper that’s being used, and you’re getting a cigar,” John added.

“Even if it is a fake, you’re still getting to taste the cigar.

That’s really fun.”

The candy wrapper costume was inspired by the original “Candyman,” a cartoon character created by comic book artist and author Stan Lee in the 1970s.

The character was a white man with a cigar dangling from his mouth, who wore a black costume and a cigar holder.

But Lee’s original cartoon had been changed several times, with the original character being a young black man.

So, in the 1960s, the creator of the candy wrapper came up with a new costume, this time featuring a black man in a white costume.

In the 1990s, Lee decided to put a twist on the original cartoon to show how different his characters’ costumes were.

“Stan Lee, who created the original ‘Candy Man,’ died in 2000, but he did not pass away,” the comic book creator told the CBC.

“He died as a writer, and he never changed his character’s skin color, and his clothes, or his costume.”

So, as part of his tribute to the original man, the CBC’s story includes an excerpt from “Crazy Uncle Stan” #3: “I had a hard time telling the story of Uncle Stan’s time in the circus,” said Candyman, a white woman in a candy outfit, sitting on the ground with a toy train in front of her.

“But the stories of my past are very real, and they’re so vivid.

And that’s what I wanted to share with you.”