Dunkin Donuts UK launches new Dunkin’ Donuts pop tart wrap

The pop tart wrapped in a bakers bun and stuffed with fresh whipped cream and jam has been added to Dunkin Brands new pop-up bakery shop in Manchester, the chain has announced.

The pop-tart wrapped in Dunkin donuts bun and filled with fresh yoghurt and jam costsco is now available in the UK, with further shops to be announced.

‘We wanted to take a moment to thank our customers for all their support and look forward to more pop-ups in the coming months’ Dunkin spokesman said.

The chain is offering a variety of pop-wrapped foods including sandwiches, pizza and sandwiches with cheese, cakes and pastries.

Dunkin’s pop-taros are available in 10-inch and 12-inch sizes.

It also has a pop-top pop-bun.

A variety of flavours and sizes are available to choose from at pop-aros.

The UK has more than half a million Dunkin pop-arts. 

Pop-Tarts, which were introduced in France in 2006, are a traditional pastry from Dunkin in the US.

The sweets are now available to order from a number of Dunkin Stores in the United Kingdom, including the first UK store to open in 2018. 

‘This is the most anticipated and exciting project we have ever undertaken’ Dunkins chief executive officer Simon Tisdale said.

‘This is a truly exciting time for Dunkin and we’re delighted to bring it to life.’

We are delighted to be able to open this first UK pop-arriere in the country, which will feature a variety and variety of delicious pop-art treats, with flavours and ingredients that will be inspired by our customers.’ 

Dunkin Donut’s new pop tart wraps will be available to buy at Dunkin shops across the UK starting on Saturday 25 June. 

More to follow.