A black-and-white version of the Afro wrapper for Google News

Google News has rolled out a new black- and-white wrapper for its popular news reader Afro, which aims to make reading more like reading.

The newsreader is part of the search engine giant’s new “Fusion” platform, which is meant to bring news to more people with faster, more reliable delivery of news, as well as the ability to share news with other users.

The new Fusion app lets you access and search news from the news feed, but not read the news until you’ve finished reading the article.

“News has always been the ultimate way to discover new and important information,” Google News VP of News, Jonathan Katz, said in a blog post.

“And we’re thrilled to bring Afro to our search experience.

Afro gives users the opportunity to browse and explore news in the same way they browse news from Google News.

It’s the first time we’ve rolled out an Afro-specific app.”

The Afro Newsreader is a black-n-white “Faux” version of Google News’ native black-on-white news reader.

It will roll out in beta over the coming months.

The main difference between the Afros and the default news reader is that the Afroticker app is optimized for Android devices.

The Afrotickers “Fantastic News” and “Fluent News” newsreaders were designed to be used as a first-stop for reading news.

The Afrotickers “Fancy News” will focus on more complex topics.

Google News’ news reader will launch with a set of features that will allow people to browse news by subject, topic, or topic groups.

The newsreader will also come with a “Quick Reading” feature that lets you skip to a specific article or to the previous page.

The feature will also let you scroll through the newsfeed while reading articles that are being read.

Google has also added a “Futurist” newsreader that will read articles that use a fictional timeline of the news world, a more immersive experience.

The Futurist app will be available later this year.