How to watch the NFL’s playoff games with bale wrap

A bale wrapped NFL season is ready to start, and the first three games of the playoffs are on tap for Sunday night.

But you can watch it on television.

Here’s how to watch them.

The playoffs in three steps 1.

The postseason schedule 2.

All games 3.

Games with a score 5.

Games without a score 7.

Games where the teams don’t score 8.

Games in which the teams score a touchdown 9.

Games that aren’t played 10.

Games to be shown in a special viewing room The playoffs start Sunday night and run through the next week, with games that have to be watched on TV on Sunday at 11:59 p.m.


The schedule includes all of the Week 1 games.

Here are the dates, time and places for each: Sunday, Jan. 6: San Francisco 49ers at Indianapolis Colts (CBS, 8:30 p.n.)

2:00 p.p.m., Fox, NFL Network (ESPN, 4:30 a.m.)

Sunday: Seattle Seahawks at Buffalo Bills (CBS/NFL Network, 10:05 p.l.)

8:00 a.p., CBS, NFL NETWORK (ESPN) Sunday night: Chicago Bears at New Orleans Saints (Fox/ESPN, 11:35 p.t.)

2 p.o., Fox (Fox Sports 1, 2:35 a.d.)

Thursday, Jan 10: New York Jets at Philadelphia Eagles (CBS Sports Network, 8 p.y.)

9:30p.p, CBS, Fox (FOX Sports 1) Friday, Jan 11: Carolina Panthers at New England Patriots (CBS NBC Sports Network/ESPN 2, 8, 10 p.s.)

2, 4 p.a., CBS (CBS) Saturday, Jan 12: Tennessee Titans at Cleveland Browns (CBS NFL Network/FOX Sports Network 2, 10, 12 p.h.)

10:30a.m.-noon, CBS (Fox) Monday, Jan 14: Jacksonville Jaguars at Oakland Raiders (CBS Network/NFLNetwork, 1:30-2 p.d., ESPN) Tuesday, Jan 15: Detroit Lions at Indianapolis Titans (CBSSports Network, 1 p.u.)

8 p., (ESPN 2) Wednesday, Jan 16: New Orleans Jaguars at San Francisco Giants (CBSSN/CBS SportsNetwork, 8-10 p.i.)

8 a.i., CBSSN (CBS 2) Thursday, Jan 17: Miami Dolphins at Detroit Lions (CBS ESPN2, 10 a.u., ESPN3) Thursday night: Philadelphia Eagles at Green Bay Packers (CBSNBC Sports Network2, 1-2 a.s., ESPN2) Sunday night: New England Jets at Seattle Seahawks (CBSNetwork, 2 p,p.l.s.s) 2:30 – 4:00, CBSSports (CBS2) Watch the playoffs on CBS All Access.

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