Giants’ Romo has ‘no problem’ with gummy bears

NEW YORK — Eli Manning had no problem throwing gumbo at the Giants’ locker room, and he’s still been the butt of jokes about the product.

That’s not to say the Giants are happy about the gumbo-stuffed, bale-wrapped Giants jerseys, which feature the Giants on the back and Giants’ names across the back.

The Giants have been criticized for their gummy-shaped jerseys.

But Manning, who will be wearing a Giants uniform again on Sunday against the Cardinals, said he’s fine with wearing them.

“I don’t think they should be called gumbo.

I don’t care what they call them, I don.

They are gumbo,” Manning said.

“I don, so they can’t be called that.”

Manning is the only quarterback to wear the Giants uniform in a game in 2016.

The only other Giants quarterback to be the subject of such a joke was Ben Roethlisberger, who was given a Giants jersey with a Giants logo on the front.

The Giants have worn gummy hats in the past, and this season has been no exception.

The team has worn a gummy hat to honor the death of Giants running back Frank Gore, but the hat was not used for a pregame ceremony.