How do you get your own pop tart? Here are some ideas

I’m not a huge pop tart person.

I love to get my own poptart and it’s definitely my favourite thing in the world, but it’s always nice to have a good one on hand.

Here are my favourite poptarts to try out.

I also love how the ingredients match up so well.

I always like to try a different flavour and I have a big stash of these around the house.

The Kit Kat Pop Tart Wrap comes with a lovely baggie of sweet and sour filling, so that you can fill it with your favourite sweet, sour or vegan-friendly filling.

It also comes with the popular sweet and savoury coconut sugar glaze and the recipe for a tasty vegan glaze.

This pop tart comes in a variety of flavours and is super easy to make.

You can also make this with one of the popular coconut butter topping ingredients, or with a vegan or gluten-free topping.

It comes in different shapes and sizes, but this one is the perfect size for me, and it tastes great too!