Microsoft launches an Android app to manage bean curds in your kitchen

Windows 8, which was released on November 8, is the most widely used operating system in the world, according to new research.

A study from IDC found that Windows 8’s adoption grew in China, the US and Russia, but the number of Android users in those markets was flat. 

While Android is the dominant operating system for smartphone makers in the West, the Chinese and Russian markets were the only two where Android users were at the same level as Windows users.

IDC said Windows 8 had about 8.5 billion monthly active users worldwide, while Android had about 2.2 billion.

The study said that although Android users are a growing segment in the market, their use of apps like the Google Play store and other third-party services has been declining.IDC said that while Android devices are growing, its share of the global market is declining due to the emergence of new smartphone manufacturers.

Google’s Android operating system is available on more than 200 million smartphones worldwide.