Shawarma Wrap – What is it, and how can I use it?

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Shawarma wrap is an Indonesian meatball sandwich.

It is one of the most popular Indonesian dishes, and it is commonly served with rice and noodles.

In Indonesia, a Shawarma is a traditional Indonesian meatballs stuffed with rice, meat, onions, pickled vegetables, and spices.

This is typically eaten with rice or a soup or rice dish.

The meatballs are wrapped in a layer of bread, usually rice.

A Shawarma wraps are usually eaten with a side of rice.

Shawarmas are generally eaten with soy sauce, chili powder, or a sweet sauce, and served on the side.

The name “shawarma” comes from the Arabic word “shahr” which means “meat” or “shrimp”.

Shawarma Wraps are typically served with soy or rice sauce.

Shawarms are often served with beans, lentils, or lentil and rice soup.

Shawazis are a very popular meatball dish, and are sometimes served on rice, as well.

Shawaras are often eaten with pickled carrots and tomatoes.

Shawalas are traditionally served with the best beef or pork, and can be enjoyed in various ways.

Shawwalas can be made with chicken or lamb, but it is not uncommon to find beef or mutton, and chicken can be used as well, especially with a sauce of garlic, ginger, or paprika.

Shawars are also known for being grilled, but most of the time, it is served on a bun, and may be served with a salad or rice, or both.

Shawaria are often referred to as “shawny meatballs” because of their bright pink color.

Shawia is also known as “Shawnee” because the beef is from the town of Shawnee in Florida.

The Shawaria can be served warm or cold, and some versions have meatballs, onions and tomatoes in them.

The dish is typically served in a dish called a “shawan” or a “mawan” (which literally means “cheese”) or “mamawan” which is a salad, or “bagawah” (a “dressing”) or a rice dish called “shakawah”.

The dish can also be made in a rice cooker, and a Shawaria is sometimes served in an Indian style bowl.

Shawarias can also have a salad of vegetables.

Shawaris are sometimes called “cheesy beef” because they are made with beef or lamb.

Shawarie can also include beans, onions or tomatoes, and often the vegetables are mixed in with the meat.

Shawarians are sometimes eaten with fresh herbs, and sometimes with rice.

The spice mix can also vary from one version to another, and many Shawariases have a mixture of chili powder and garlic.

Shawarijas are served with vegetables, or meatballs with rice in some versions.

Shawarettes are sometimes known as Shawariks because they contain a mix of spices, onions/tomatoes, and rice.

They are usually served with fresh vegetables and sometimes some kind of a salad.

Shawares are usually usually eaten cold, or with a bowl of rice and rice with beans and vegetables.

Some Shawarettes are also called “gustas”.

Shawarats are usually consumed with the salad and a side salad of fresh vegetables.