How to create the perfect condom wrapper

It takes a lot of time and a lot effort to make sure your condom wrapper is truly the right fit.

But, there are several things you can do to make your condoms feel just right.1.

Choose a condom wrapper that is not overly bulky and tight.2.

Avoid the use of a latex condom because latex condoms often break easily and leave a residue that can make the condom unusable.3.

Use a latex latex condom to wrap the condom, not a polyurethane condom.4.

Avoid using a condom with a lot on the inside.5.

Never use latex condoms with a latex applicator, as the latex could cause breakage.6.

Use condoms with only one condom.7.

Never wear condoms with condoms on your vagina.8.

Never put a condom on your anus.9.

Do not put a condoms on the back of your neck or under your ears.10.

Never place a condom or condom applicator on the neck or around your ears, because they could puncture the skin.