Al Jazeera: ‘There are some things that you can’t do on a bicycle’

Some people like to ride their bikes around town, but they must know they can’t go out on the streets without getting a ticket.

So the eco-friendly brand Furroshi, which offers a range of cycling footwear, is taking aim at the problem with the introduction of a “eco-friendly” range of footwear.

Furroshis range of eco-specific footwear is made from eco-wool and is made with recycled materials.

The company launched its eco-powered range of shoes last year and it is now expanding the range to include other eco-trendy items, such as “furries” and “socks”.

“Our goal with our eco-socks is to create a product that feels like a glove, but is actually a glove,” said Furrosha’s co-founder and co-owner Riza Abboud.

“We think that the way we design them and the way the materials are woven together really make them feel like you’re wearing a glove.”

The company says the eco socks are the first eco-fans footwear to be made in the US, which makes them a natural fit for urban commuters.

“The idea of the eco sock came from a very personal experience,” said Abbouds co-creator, Riza Al-Shafaa.

“In Syria, we don’t have much to do with the outdoors and I just thought I would do something that felt like a fun activity.

I decided to do something in the form of a sock that I felt was something different to what I was doing.”

Furroshi’s range includes eco-branded socks, eco-based shoes, eco footwear and eco socks.

The shoes range is available in a range from black to red.

“It’s really about the way they feel and feel comfortable,” said Mr Al-Assad.

“It’s about feeling like you are in a suit and tie, and that is something we have been doing in the past, but it’s not something that has been really fashionable.”FURROSHIS eco-inspired footwear comes in five styles: a black eco sock, eco socks with a white sole, eco soles with black soles, eco boots with white soles and a black, white and black pair of shoes.

Furros boots come in black, red and blue, and are designed to look like a pair of leather boots.

The company also sells eco socks that feature recycled rubber and plastic.

“These eco socks come in a variety of colours that will look great on any foot and will help to protect the earth,” said Al-Abboud, who added that the socks will be sold in a limited number of colours.FURROS SOCKS: A black, black and white pair of eco socks for all sizes.

The socks will come in different colours.

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These eco socks will look very nice on any feet.

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The leather is recycled.

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