How to use Cadbury purple and Campbell wrapper for chocolate bars

Cadbury has released the Cadbury wrapper for the new flavours of their new chocolate bars, which come with the Cadburys Purple and Campbell Wrappers.

The new flavours, which are also available in a range of flavours, are available in two colours, purple and cream, and come in five flavours including the Cadburg’s new dark chocolate bar, Cadbury’s chocolate and the Cadwell Chocolate Bar.

The Cadburies Purple and the Campbell Wrapper have a new, larger hole in the centre and the centre of the wrapper to give the flavour more depth and the colours more vivid.

The packaging is also very different from the standard Cadbury packaging.

It’s a bit more robust.

It is more durable.

It has more space between the wrapper and the inside of the bar, which is a bit bigger.

It also has a little bit more space around the edges, which gives you more room to pour and more air to get through.

The colour is also more vibrant, so the bars have more personality and the packaging is a little more appealing.

All in all, it is more colourful and it has more colour.

It looks more appealing and it feels more appealing, too.

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What is the CadBurys Purple & Campbell wrapper? 

How to use the Cad Burys Purple wrapper for Cadbury chocolate bars?